Swimmer Shiny Fuchsia

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The Swimmer sandal is based on the original Salt-Water sandal featuring a woven leather upper with buckled ankle strap. The differences are the Swimmer is only available for kids and has a slightly narrower fitting. Like all Sun-San Sandals, the Swimmer comes on a spongy soft sole with rust proof buckles. As with all of our sandals they can be worn in the water and handwashed with a gentle detergent - perfect for holidays! The Swimmer in shiny fuchsia is part of our premium range and comes in a patent finish in a lovely vibrant shade of pink.
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Info & Care

The Swimmer features a plaited leather toe with buckled ankle strap. Fits narrower than the Salt-Water Original, and as the front is non-adjustable, not the best for very narrow or wide feet.

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"Worn in water, and the world over, this summer sandal style is one of our kids classics."