Here at Salt-Water Sandals, we know better than anyone the rate your little ones feet grow and the frustration of sizing up when their footwear is (often!) still in a great condition. That’s why we have decided to team up with dotte – the UK’s leading kids’ online resale platform – for a partnership that not only benefits the parent, but the planet.


Our sandals are built to last and we believe in buying well to buy less – and this can we still be the case with kids footwear. Purchasing sandals made from durable long-lasting materials means your children can enjoy them for as long as possible, and they can then be passed along for even more adventures!


dotte is a one-stop shop where parents can buy, sell, donate, and recycle outgrown / no longer needed garments and accessories and therefore offering an accessible, sustainable solution to a fast area of fashion and lessening its impact on the earth. Read on or start now.

dotte is more than a marketplace – it is a movement that won’t accept style at the cost of the planet.

Choosing to sell your pre-loved Salties on dotte means you can reduce your fashion carbon footprint, earn money from every sale and join the growing Salt-Water community. Not only this, but for every sandal you sell on dotte we are offering a 15% voucher to use on our official website so you can order the next size up and start the circle again.


What are you waiting for? Simply create an account with dotte and list no longer wanted Salt-Water items to become part of the movement. Join now.


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