Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can Salt-Water Sandals go in the water?

Why are they called Salt-Water Sandals?

How do you break in Salt-Water Sandals?

Where are Salt-Water Sandals from?

Do Salt-Water sandals stretch?

Are Salt-Water Sandals unisex?

How do you clean white Salt-Water Sandals?


What is my Salt-Water size?

How do I work out what Salt-Water or Sun-Size size to buy my child?

How do Salt-Water and Sun-San Sandals fit?

How do I care for my Salt-Water Sandals?

My sandals feel a little tight. Is there anything I can do?


I am having issues with ordering / issues with payment, what shall I do?

The sandal/size I am looking to purchase is not showing, where is it?

Can I cancel my order?

Can I change my order after I have received my order confirmation?

Can I add an item to my order?

Can I order over the phone?


Non Mainland UK

I’ve lost my returns form – where do I send my sandals back to?

I want to exchange my sandals, what do I do?

I missed the 28-day deadline for returns, what can I do?

I was bought a pair as a gift but I want to change them, what do I do?

I bought a pair from another store and want to exchange/return them?

I brought a pair during a promotional sale - can I return/exchange them?

How long does it take for my return to be processed?

Sales and promotions

Can I return products bought in a sale or over a promotional period?

Why is my promotional code not working?

Can I claim back a discount after an order is placed on the website?

Can I use a discount code on a website promotion?

Faulty goods

My sandals appear faulty – what do I do?

Postage and Shipping

Mainland UK

How do I track my order?

My order seems to be on its way back to Salt-Water Sandals and I never received it?

My order tracking shows as delivered, but I haven’t received it.

What about shipping over promotional periods?

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