Winter Holidays Greece

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For rest and relaxation skip the Cyclades and head to the Dodecanese Islands for a more authentic look at the Greek way of life. Karpathos is the second largest of the group and thanks to its location has held on to its dialect and traditions. Known as the island of hospitality, as you walk through the picturesque alleys of the hillside village of Olympos, you may feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Apella is said to be the most beautiful beach, with clear turquoise waters and dreamy white sand. A pair of Retros in white will suit the nostalgic vibe and compliment the sugar cube buildings.


Winter Holidays Canary Islands

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The second smallest of Spain’s seven Canary Islands, La Gomera is a walkers paradise and an important biosphere reserve due to its incredible natural ecosystem. There are more than 600 kilometres of trails to discover on foot; tangled rainforests at the heart of the island and rugged, mountainous slopes at the edges. With a diameter of only 25 kilometres, the island’s runway is too short for international flights to land, so you have to arrive by ferry from one of the bigger islands. Don’t let the fact that it’s slightly off the beaten track put you off though, the ferry journey itself is a delight and La Gomera is a truly tranquil place as a result. A good pair of leather sandals suitable for walking is essential here so we recommend packing a Salt-Water Shark in tan for extra protection over the toes.


Winter Holidays Cyprus


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Paphos is a city on the west coast of Cyprus steeped in heritage, it being the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite. In 2017 it was named the European capital of culture and offers a healthy mix of both beach and art. As well as the usual tourist shops selling jars of honey and local wines there are several interesting landmarks, galleries and museums to visit. Don’t miss the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park which houses some breath-taking mosaics in the House of Dionysus. Take a pair of rose gold Salt-Water Originals, fit for the goddess of love herself.


Winter Holidays Malta

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With its unique mix of Mediterranean and Arabic culture, there’s plenty to see in Malta. The Capital Valletta, in the East, is recognized as a Unesco world Heritage Site due its incredible location on Mount Sceberras and the amazing baroque architecture. The former capital, Mdina, is also an absolute joy to visit. Vehicle restrictions inside the walled city mean that you have to explore on foot so a comfortable pair of flat sandals is a must. Pack a pair of Classics in mustard.


Winter Holidays Portugal

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This one’s for the thrill seekers. A remote, volcanic archipelago offering a wealth of activities to visitors from whale watching to diving, hiking to canyoning. Much of the water here is dedicated marine park and only five percent of the land has been developed making the Azores a world-leading example of sustainable tourism. The Setes Cidades, enormous craters filled with bright green lakes, are a must see, criss-crossed by excellent walking trails and several routes leading down to the water’s edge. Waterproof sandals with rust proof buckles are just the thing for this type of break and a navy Swimmer would be our Salt-Water of choice.


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