The Salt-Water Classic is a flat leather sandal which comes in a variety of gorgeous colours and is fully adjustable making them naturally suitable for those with wide feet. The straps around the ankle and over the toe feature our rust proof brass buckle and are made with the same water friendly leather. Once wet they mould to your feet so there’s no uncomfortable digging in.

The Classic Slide is a lightweight, stylish and ultra-comfortable summer sandal. Again, it features a buckle over the toe strap making it adjustable for a wider fit. It comes in a range of beautiful colours and is the perfect sandal to carry you through summer. It looks as elegant with a maxi dress as it does popping to the shops.

The timeless design of our best-selling Salt-Water Original dates back to 1944. It’s a popular flat sandal that’s often the foundation of any Salt-Water Sandal collection. This covetable style is a roomy sandal that fits naturally wide so we find it works well. It can fit a little shallower (lower arches) so our top tip for first wear is to stretch out the toe straps and gently squeeze the sole to ease it. 

All our shoe boxes have a sticker guide on the lid showing you what to do should you need to ease them out a little.

Even if the Salt-Water style you’re after isn’t adjustable, it’s worth noting that all Salt-Water Sandals are made to mould to the wearer’s feet and will stretch with time – we recommend getting them wet and wearing until they dry. We did design the Retro to fit a bit narrower for those that have the opposite problem! So for the full sandal and slide in Retro we do recommend trying the size up to compensate for the narrower fit in this much loved leather sandal. It’s key to note that even though the retro offers more cover overall it does still fit width comfortably with a bit of wear.

If you have any other questions over the best sandals for wide feet then please check our Size/Fit information here or contact our Customer Care team for more information.

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