Although it’s as divisive as marmite, at Salt-Water HQ we love the socks and sandals trend with Salties and socks forming a staple part of our Autumn wardrobe. And we’re not the only ones to embrace the look. Spotted throughout the Spring Summer 2020 collections, designers and celebrities seem to agree. In fashion, the sock is now an important part of your outfit and with more people working from home the pairing of socks with sandals has become a popular lockdown styling trick. Now is the time to find the sandals and socks combination that works for you!

socks & sandals salt-waterImage from @carrozall

You could start by dipping your toe in the trend - cosying up your trusty Salt-Water Originals with a warm, knitted sock in a complimentary shade. Keep it tonal; a navy Salt-Water Classic looks gorgeous with a teal blue sock. Or go for total contrast like @carrozall pairing a Salt-Water Classic in navy with a terracotta sock.

socks and sandalsImage from @heartzeena

Or elevate your favourite Salt-Waters with a statement sock; glitter, animal print or brights will stand out. Follow @heartzeena's pastel lead - a shiny pink Salt-Water Original with a spotty pink sock.

salt-water sharks and socksImage by @swallowsanddamsons

We love to rock the socks and sandals look with our Shark Originals range. Available in 8 colours, the Claret and the Tan are particularly lovely at this time of year. 

So you see the options are endless; experiment and keep those feet happy, stylish and warm this Autumn.

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