Ahhh the Saltie tan line – an end of summer phenomenon and proof (if needed) that Salt-Water Sandals are the most comfortable sandals. Despite the fact that we’re travelling less at the moment, we’re certainly walking more than ever and our footwear needs to support us every step of the way.

Salt-Water Sandals are made from 100% leather which is coated with a water resistant sealant, making Salt-Water Sandals 100% waterproof. They mould to the feet with repeated wear, resulting in a sublimely comfortable fit. It’s no wonder Salt-Water Sandals are worn all summer long by an army of fans who barely take them off between May and September (hence the tan line!)

Salt-Water Originals in Pewter and Red

In Salt-Water Sandals you’re ready to hot foot it to a host of destinations – however local or far flung. Whether you’re working from home, walking the dog, lying by the pool or popping out for dinner, we’ve got you covered.

Salt-Water Retro Slides in Olive

There are a plethora of flat sandal styles to choose from, The Classic, The Original and The Retro all feature an ankle strap for added security; The Sliders range are super easy to slip on and off, or the Salt-Water Shark which offers extra protection for a covetable closed-toe sandal style.  Available in over 20 different colours, for both Adults and Kids, these are sandals that can be worn all day. Welcome to the Saltie fan club!

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