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Worn and loved the world over for more than seventy-five sun-drenched years, Salt-Water Sandals is an American heritage brand that has been a summer staple since 1944. Founded by Walter Hoy, Salt-Water Sandals were originally made from scrap leather as a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II. The first pair Walter made was for his daughter, Marjorie.The Tan Original was the first born into the Salt-Water family in 1944 and remains a cult-classic to this day. The collection now boasts 12 enticing flat leather sandal styles and 14 covetable colourways – from classic neutrals, to statement bright sandals and even eye-catching printed styles.

Affectionately known as Salties by our legion of fans, the Salt-Water Sandals family encompasses a range for both Adults and Kids, across both open and closed-toe sandals.Salt-Water Sandals is recognised for its modern classic designs, durability, timeless style and quality craftsmanship – all of our sandals are 100% leather, hand-stitched and water-resistant, featuring rust-proof metal tongue buckles. So whether you’re looking to buckle up in our strappy flat sandals, or slip into our sliders, there’s a style to suit everyone. Step into the Salt-Water Sandals website by choosing your territory above.