Everyone needs a good pair of flat sandals for summer and whilst sandal trends come and go, the fuss-free Salt-Water Sandal will never go out of style. Not overly ostentatious, Salt-Water are beautifully crafted, honest, leather sandals that are 100% waterproof.

Silver Salt-Water Original

The Original Salt-Water Sandal is defined by its hand stitched rubber sole and iconic plaited upper. They come with rust proof buckles and there’s over 15 different colours to choose from - no wonder they’re known as the sandals for everyone.

If you’re looking for summer sandals for wide feet the Salt-Water Classic features a strap at both ankle and toe creating extra room should you need it. Like all Salt-Water Sandals, the Classic is designed for in and out of water wear and will mold to your foot over time, creating a perfect fit. You can find more info here on Salt-Water Sandals for wider feet.

Classic Slide

For many people Slides are the best sandals for the summer. As the name suggests, they’re super easy to put on and take off and add a touch of understated cool to your look. We have two options of slides in the Salt-Water range, the Classic Slide and the Retro Slide.

Salt-Water Shark White

In Salt-Water Sharks you’ll be both comfy and on point as fisherman flats are a new trend in sandals for Summer 2021. If you’re after cute sandals for summer that offer extra protection over the toe, the Salt-Water Shark is a great option. Available in 8 different colours, the woven leather detailing makes them feel extra luxe.

Salt-Water Retro in Tan

A relaunch of a style that sold in the USA in the 1970’s, the Retro’s elegant woven leather upper takes this model to a whole new level of lovely. These pretty summer sandals come in 10 different colours including the latest additions, mustard and claret.

Retro Salt-Water Slide Black

All Salt-Water styles are available in a rainbow of beautiful colours but black sandals for summer are a versatile, go-with-everything option if you prefer a more neutral look. The Original, the Classic, the Shark, the Classic Slide and the Retro Slide (shown above) are all available in black. Read more about our black sandal styles here

One thing is for sure, once you’ve chosen your Salties you won’t take them off all Summer long!


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