As part of Fashion Revolution Week 2021, Salt-Water Sandals would like to introduce you to some of the people who made your Sandals.

Take a peek at where it all began, where special make-ups are still made to order using the original 1940s machinery. Meet the team behind Salt-Water Sandals US factory…

Cheryl S (red shirt) cuts all the leather straps and insoles; cleans and packs sandals into boxes; pulls and fills orders.

Ruth (orange shirt) embosses the straps; stamps the insole with gold or silver leaf; stamps the straps with lot numbers; skives the straps; sews the acorns; staples the buckles; cleans and packs Sandals into boxes; pulls and fills orders. 

Phyllis (grey jumper) cements the insoles, outsoles, and straps; assembles the straps, insoles, and soles together; pulls and fills orders. 

Steve (black and white t-shirt + black hat) oversees the shipping department and stock; pulls and fills orders.

Wayne (white shirt) stitches straps and insoles to sole (Salt-Waters); General duties around the factory. 

Cheryl M (green shirt) hot glues straps in place to insole; pours urethane into a mold and inserts upper straps and insole + lets set (Sun-Sans).

Jo Anne (blue t-shirt) cuts, trims, clean sandals and packs into boxes; helps Cheryl M run urethane machine for Sun-San Sandals; pulls and fills orders. 

If you haven’t noticed the pattern…  

  • Most of the Hoy employees are flexible and move around the factory. 
  • They are trained to work multiple jobs to help where is needed. 
  • It takes 14 steps to make a Salt-Water Sandal and 15 to make a Sun-San Sandal.  
  • In the US factory, there are 13 people who work towards the final product – the ultimate Summer Sandal.

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