Photo Credit @theyoungsmiths both wearing Salt-Water Originals in tan

There are several Salt-Water Sandal styles that start in a child size and go all the way through to adult. The Classic, the Retro, the Shark and the Original can all be worn by young and old, giving you endless options for matching mini me looks. Why not strengthen your squad value with the Salt-Water Original? They start in a child size UK 4/ EU 20/21 and go all the way up to an adult size UK 8/ EU 41/42.

Photo Credit @rose_little79 in Salt-Water Original & Sun-San Swimmer in rose gold

If you’d prefer your little one to wear the softer Sun-San sole, a great option for mini me fashion is to pair the Salt-Water Original with the Sun-San Swimmer which features the same woven straps across the toes but comes on the thicker sole.

Photo Credit @blossomingbirds in Salt-Water Shark & Sun-San Shark in navy

The Shark is another great way to create mini me looks for the family as it comes on the thinner Salt-Water sole for adults and the thicker sole in the Sun-San range for children. There’s even a very sweet version for babies called the Sailor. This fisherman style comes in a variety of colours and offers extra protection over the toes.

Photo Credit @charlottejackling in Sun-San Surfers & Salt-Water Originals in olive

Alternatively, you could work some mum and me fashion into your wardrobes this summer by mixing styles but matching colours. Choose whichever Salt-Water sandal you think suits the individual best and then pick a colour that everyone likes.

Photo Credit @chaneensaliee wearing Salt-Water Sandals all round

It’s no wonder they call them the sandal for everyone!


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