The Salt-Water Original in tan

Salt-Water Original in tan

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Spring is upon us which means less layers and the beginning of Saltie season. A flat sandal in tan is a great neutral option and will go with everything. The Salt-Water Original in tan was the first sandal to come out of the Salt-Water Factory and continues to be a best seller with its iconic plaited upper and rust proof buckles.

The Salt-Water Classic Sandal in tan

Salt-Water Classic in tan

Whether you’re wearing boyfriend jeans and a tee or dressing up for a night out, flat tan sandals lend themselves to every occasion. The Salt-Water Classic is the perfect summer sandal maintaining the nostalgic style of the Original but with an adjustable fit. The Salt-Water Classic in tan will go with everything in your wardrobe and is one of our best-selling womens sandals.

The Salt-Water Retro Sandal in tan

Salt-Water Retro in tan

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Finding one pair of sandals that compliment every look easy isn’t easy, but our flat tan woven sandal, the Retro, hits all the marks for comfort, style and versatility. Reminiscent of the Mexican Huarache sandal with its cool woven detail, wear them with everything and bring them out season after season.

The Salt-Water Shark Sandal in tan

Salt-Water Shark in tan

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Our tan leather closed toe sandals, otherwise known as the Shark, are a traditional fisherman style which offer extra protection over the toes. The Shark Original in tan is an archive style re-issued but still made on the original 1940’s machinery.

The Salt-Water Retro Slide Sandal in tan

Salt-Water Retro Slide in tan

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We have two options of tan leather slip on sandals in the Salt-Water Range, the Retro Slide, sister to the Retro, has been reworked from the original 1970’s design and combines vintage sensibility with contemporary craft. These flat tan woven sandals are a chic work from home option but also useful poolside and seaside as, like all Salt-Water Sandals, they are 100% waterproof.

The Salt-Water Classic Slide Sandal in tan

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The second flat tan slide sandal in the range is the Classic Slide. Adapted from the Classic, we’ve removed the ankle strap for ultimate kickoffability. This flat tan buckle sandal is elegant and lightweight, falling into the barely there category of sandals. Adjustable over the toes, these versatile slides will be your perfect partner this Summer.

Children & Toddlers Salt-Water Sandals in tan

Kids Salt-Water Sandals in tan

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We have several tantastic options for children too. In the Salt-Water range for kids (with the thinner rubber sole) we have the Original, the Classic, the Retro and the Shark all available in tan. Sun-San Sandals, which come on the spongy sole and are designed specifically for little feet, carry five styles in tan – the Seawee and the Sailor are part of the first walker range plus three further styles for slightly older children, the Sun-San Shark, the Swimmer and the Surfer. Explore them all here.

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Salt-Water Sandals in tan

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