Ice Ice Baby!


So... it's the Summer Holidays, you're running out of ideas and it's only week two AND there's an incredible heatwave (cue heavy thunderous downpours by the time this post goes live). We've got the solution .... it's DIY ice lollies - a fun holiday activity that the kids can get involved with, the end product will keep everyone cool AND they're healthy. Genius.

There are all sorts of great lolly pop moulds available to buy and many of them are now made of silicone which makes it super easy to get the lollies out once frozen. Alternatively you can use small yoghurt pots and wooden sticks which you put into the freezer upside down. Top Tip - leave a gap between the lolly mixture and the top of the carton and place a layer of foil or card over the top. Put your lolly stick through a hole in the middle of the card to help keep the stick in place. Summer berries, mangoes, kiwis, bananas, pineapple and peaches all freeze well so let the kids choose what combinations they'd like and go shopping together for the ingredients.


We used a punnet of raspberries, a handful of blueberries and half a punnet of strawberries (hulled) to make these Berry and Yoghurt Swirls but you could try any combination of fruit or just whatever you have in the fridge. We pureed the fruit with a hand held blender and in a separate bowl we mixed some natural greek yoghurt with a bit of honey. You can test your mixture as you go along for your desired sweetness. Spoon the two mixtures into the moulds and put it in the freezer. Morning activity = afternoon treat.

Watermelons are naturally juicy so they make a great base for this thirst quenching Watermelon & Elderflower lolly but make sure you remove the pips. We did this by hollowing out half a watermelon and blitzing it together with a punnet of strawberries. We then pushed that mixture through a sieve to remove all the pips and then stirred in a dash of elderflower cordial to make it really refreshing.

Forget the corner shop kids, Raspberry mini Milks are happening in the freezer now. For this one we used a punnet of raspberries and blitzed them in a food processor; then added that to about 200ml of milk and a small can of light condensed milk.

There are several books with all sorts of brilliant ideas for lolly pops but we especially like Modern Family Food by Emily Kerrigan, and Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter. .

Happy Holidays from the team at Salt-Water Europe x

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