We have six types of sandals for women across nine styles and sixteen colours – that’s a lot to choose from! To help you get to grips with what’s on offer, from the homepage, hover over the Womens tab and navigate across to By Type. All the different types of sandals with pictures and names will then pop up. This is a useful way of bringing up all six types of ladies sandals at a glance. For ease, we have illustrated this post entirely with tan sandals so that you can really focus on the style of the sandal and not get distracted by the colours! Once you’ve decided which style you like, you can then choose a colour and bingo, you’ve found your soul mate. 

Woven Sandals



The first category is Woven Sandals and this refers to the plaited leather section that sits over the front of the foot. Featured in the iconic Original style this simple design cleverly weaves three leather straps to create the front upper section. Available in a vast array of colours and like all Salt-Waters, this is a waterproof, flat leather sandal.

The Retro style which uses double the number of straps to create a more latticed effect is reminiscent of Mexican Huarache sandals. Both the Original and the Retro have ankle straps, come in a range of colours and are made from 100% waterproof leather straps.

Double Buckle

The next type of sandal in the range is the Double Buckle, known as the Classic. Designed to give the perfect adjustable fit, the Classic maintains the nostalgic feel of our Original style with an additional double buckle function, a popular choice for those looking for a wide fit sandal. It comes with rust proof buckles and there are eleven gorgeous colours to choose from.


Next up, Slides. Due to a change in habits in recent years, this type of sandal has become really popular. Slides bridge the gap between style and comfort, and we have two styles to choose from. The Classic Slide is based on the design of the Classic with an adjustable buckle across the foot but no ankle strap making them super easy to slide in and out of.

The Retro Slide is an elegant modern slider sandal. Based on the Retro it features the same criss-cross leather upper but with no ankle strap. Definite 70’s vibes and available in six fabulous shades.

Closed Toe

As types of summer sandals go, the Closed Toe option is bang on trend. Widely known as a Fisherman Sandal, we call it the Salt-Water Shark. Signalling the popularity of modern, practical footwear, this silhouette is proving popular with sandal lovers who want a little extra protection over the toes. It features a statement woven upper stitched on to a robust leather sole and comes in eight different colours.

Adult Sun-San

The Adult Sun-San styles fall into the ‘soft sole’ sandal category and there are two designs to choose from, the Swimmer and the Boardwalk. Following demand from our fans we released this new type of sandal in Spring 2021 as big sister to the kids soft sole range and featuring the bouncy urethane sole. See the full range here.

Ankle Strap

Finally, the last type of sandals in the Salt-Water range is the Ankle Strap and there’s a certain amount of overlap here. Apart from Slides, all of the Salt-Water range features an ankle strap fastened with rust-proof buckles. Pictured above is an Original Mash up which are made up of a combination of different colour straps, see them all here.



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