Lots of sunshine

Did you know that despite our proximity, it's actually warmer in Guernsey than mainland UK? Springtime arrives about 4 weeks earlier on the islands and with more than 2000 hours of sunshine each year, the 
Channel Islands are the sunniest spot in the British Isles! 

The foodie scene


Guernsey is fast becoming a gastro destination and St Peter Port is the heart of an increasingly vibrant foodie scene. The International Food Festival takes place in late September followed by Tennerfest in October where restaurants advertise special menus at affordable prices. Fish and the Chips on the sea wall is always an option. 

The history

During 1940-45 the islands were the only British soil occupied by German troops and vast numbers of defensive positions were built as part of Hitlers Atlantic Wall. Reminders of its past are dotted all along the coast; concrete bunkers, stone towers and defence walls. 

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a wonderful historical novel by Mary Ann Shaffer set in wartime Guernsey. Four friends are stopped by soldiers for breaching curfew during the German occupation and when asked where they've been, they say they were returning from their book club, named on the spot as "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" and narrowly avoid arrest. It was later made into a film starring Lily James. 

Every year islanders celebrate their freedom on Liberation Day, May 9th. 

Eco friendliness


You don't have to fly to get there and you won't need a car. There seems to be an innate sense of consideration for cyclists and public transport is also good value. In order to reduce the plastic waste used by visitors and locals and make it easier for tourists, Refill Guernsey has positioned 28 conveniently located water refill stations around the island. Another new sustainable initiative launched last year is The Guernsey Weigh, a zero-waste shopping market dedicated to reducing the use of single-use plastic in grocery shopping.


Clean beaches


Hanging out on one of Guernsey's 27 sandy beaches is a must, but which one should you go to? There's Vazon Bay, the largest beach on the island with lots of water sports on offer or there's Petit Port, tricky to access, but worth the 100 metre descent to discover the stunning hidden cove at the bottom. Families with young children might prefer the Victorian bathing pools at La Vallette or make like the locals and take a dip by the boat ramp next to Fort Grey, otherwise known as the Cup and Saucer. From the big, flat, sandy beaches in the North, to the secluded bays of the South - there's no shortage of room. You can see a list of the top 10 beacheshere. 

Remember to pack your Salties!


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