Salt-Water Sandals began working with mothers2mothers in 2017 after our CEO heard Emma France - Global Development & Strategic Engagement Director - talk about the charity and their incredible work with women in Africa.

We've posted before about  the programme which involves training up HIV-positive mothers as frontline healthcare workers. The empowerment of these 'Mentor Mothers' is at the heart of the mothers2mothers model; not only do they provide education and peer support for adolescents and young women, expecting mothers, children and entire families but as paid members of a healthcare team they themselves become economically independent role models to their communities.

If you haven't already seen it, check out a mentor mothers story in her own words HERE

Since m2m started they have created job opportunities for over 10,000 HIV positive women with around 3000 currently employed. And from a single clinic in Cape Town, they have now expanded their footprint to operate in eight African countries. While the organisation is rightly proud of these numbers they know that they must still do more to bring health and hope to even more women and families.

At Salt-Water Europe we are delighted to announce the Caramel Twist as the official m2m sandal and will be donating 10% from each pair sold to this brilliant charity.

Join us on our mission! You can help by shopping the Caramel Twist, following and spreading the word on social media, signing up to the newsletter to stay in touch, or by making a donation.

To find out more about mothers2mothers and the amazing work they do why not check out their website, their Instagram, or their Twitter.

A massive thank you for your ongoing support from the team at Salt-Water Europe x


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