In recent weeks all of Salt-Water’s lovely new imagery has been flooding your emails and social media feeds. You might be forgiven for thinking we had splurged on an around-the-world trip but would you be surprised to discover our high summer campaign photos for 2023 were all shot in just one location? 

Tasked with creating imagery for our Spring / Summer campaign to resonate globally but with the budget for just one photo-shoot, needless to say the challenge was on!

With our Creative Mastermind and CEO based not too far away in Singapore, and generally guaranteed good weather, Bali was the chosen location. 

The Indonesian island ticked all of the boxes that would enable us to capture a wide range of looks and locations, not to mention the monumental number of sandals that needed to be shot without a gazillion dollar budget or leaving a horrendous carbon footprint in our wake.

It would be an understatement to say that it was a very intense 4 day shoot, however we accomplished a huge amount in a short week and came away with plenty of shots representing a diverse selection of regions, from Parisian café to Miami Diner, a Tulum retreat and cliff side holiday in Ibiza with some beach fun in between. Added to that we grabbed a day in Singapore to snap Seoul inspired street scenes & some majestic architecture reminiscent of any grand city centre.  

In no small part the shoot illustrated perfectly the versatility of Salt-Water sandals - dressed up, styled down, from casual and beach-y to city chic.

We are thrilled with the results!
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