What to put in your Lunch Box

Bento lunch box from Wendolonia


We're back to school and work, the summer holidays are a distant memory and already the lunch box inertia has kicked in. There has to be more to lunch hour than a cheese sandwich! The biggest challenge continues to be finding time to make healthy, appealing food that is warming enough for the colder months ahead. Batch cooking, or making double the amount of an evening meal is one way of making sure you always have something nutritious at lunchtime.

Lead by Jamie Oliver's latest manifesto, many people are also assessing their relationship with sugar. We've put together these ideas for creating healthy, happy lunch times for you and your family.


Jamie Oliver's pasta bake Jamie Oliver's pasta bake


One of our favourite sections on Jamie's blog is the 'leftovers' - quick and easy recipes that can serve as lunch across the week. We love this Chicken, Leek and Pasta Bake.


Noodle Pots by Helmsley and Helmsley Noodle Pots by Hemsley and Hemsley



The gorgeous Hemsley sisters offer a super healthy option with their Noodle pots. You make them the night before and all you have to do at lunchtime is add hot water, no microwave needed.


Roast veg and couscous by Hedgecombers Roast veg and couscous by Hedgecombers


This is a great recipe and especially useful for busy families. Take a portion into work the next day and the veggies for lunch will skyrocket your concentration.

"Throw this easy peasy Roast Vegetable Cous Cous together on a Sunday night and have your lunches taken care of for the week ahead." - Jane from Hedgecombers.com

You can also check out Jane's Pinterest board on lunch time ideas for grown ups.


A bento box lunch box from Wendolonia A bento box lunch box from Wendolonia



For little ones the latest trend is to style a lunch box like a Japanese Bento box. The neat arrangement of the food is visually appealing even for fussy eaters. You can easily create your own Bento Box by using different sized plastic containers or even silicone cupcake cases. Plus cookie cutters can be used to make lovely shapes out of pitta bread - but be warned - you do run the risk of getting really carried away and missing the start of school.

Go to Wendolonia for a whole rainbow of colourful and exciting ideas.



Lunch box ideas from Wendolonia Lunch box ideas from Wendolonia



Sweet Potato Balls from Veggie Desserts Sweet Potato Balls from Veggie Desserts



As the name suggests, Veggie Desserts is famous for creating delicious desserts made with vegetables. Naturally, they serve as a more beneficial alternative to the sweet desserts and sugary snacks that we fling into lunch boxes. Check out her lovely blog for more ideas. Jamie Oliver would approve!

“These Sweet Potato and Fresh Ginger Balls are so easy to make, and they are freezable - so you can make a big batch and store them. Then just pop a few into your lunch bag and they'll be thawed out by lunchtime. They are filling and sweet, with a warm hit from the fresh ginger. “ – Kate from Veggiedesserts.

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