What size Salt-Waters should I buy?

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It's a lively topic of conversation that starts with the first sign of Spring. It buzzes across playgrounds, workplaces and social media feeds all over Europe .....

"What size Salt-Water Sandals should I buy?"

We all know it's not as easy as ordering your regular size - and for that, we are truly sorry. There is good reason though. The Original Salt-Water sandal was designed in the 1940's and they are still made using the same old shoe lasts with their own unique sizing system.

We understand that while this little quirk adds to their charm, it also makes it tricky to work out what size to order. If you can't get to a shop to try some on (you can find all our stockists by clicking HERE) we have drawn up this helpful guide which should hopefully make the sizing a bit clearer.

SALT-WATER SANDALS - The Original Model with the slim rubber sole and plaited leather upper for WOMEN and CHILDREN

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It's good to know that the sandal is supposed to fit close at the heel, in other words your foot is meant to be sitting close to the back end of the sole. At the front there is a line of stitching and we advise that your toes are just on or just behind the line, not creeping over it.


It's also good to know that our sandals can take a bit of stretching. If at first they feel tight across your foot then get a hold of them and gently pull the leather straps in opposite directions. This will help to loosen them up and with wear they will mould to your feet.

We even recommend that if you get a sore spot, run the tap over your sandals and wear them until they dry. We promise you - the leather will soften right up.

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For Adults - as a rule, you need to size up. So, if you're a UK size 5, EU 38, it's likely that you'll need a Salt-Water 6. This number is stamped in the sole and is equivalent to a US Women's 8. Obviously, people's feet vary from one person to another so this is not going to be the case for everyone. If you know you're a big UK 5 (EU38) you will most likely need the Salt-Water 6. Likewise, a UK 5 that fits on the smaller side might well be happy with the Salt-Water 5.

For Kids - The Salt-Water for kids is like for like - so if you're child is a UK size 8 you can buy them a Salt-Water size 8. But remember this is for the Salt-Water Original range which comes on the thinner rubber sole. Scroll down to find the sizing guide for the Sun-San range (which comes on the thicker sole).


Still not sure? We also have these handy size guides that you can print out and stand on to help you work out what size to buy. Click HERE to see them. Make sure you print out at 100% - don't shrink to fit the page. We recommend a 1cm space in front of your toes and before the guideline which would allow for the stitching line.

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Lastly, you can also look at these size charts to compare your UK or European size with your Salt-Water size.



Sun-San - group copy

The Sun-San range is for children only and comes in a wide variety of styles and colours, all with a spongier sole. They can also be worn in the water and are just as robust as the Salt-Water Original.

Sizing for Sun-San requires you to plus 1 to your child's UK size. All our European customers can refer to the table below which shows how Sun-San Sizes sizes correspond to other sizes.


  • Hi guys looking to buy some of your great sandals - I'm a `uk `size four and a half would your size 5 be the correct size for me to order ?

    Liz •
    14th August 2016
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