The Art of Writing

Do you still write thank you cards or opt for a thank you text instead? Do you still take notes & doodle whilst doing so, or is it all tapping away on the iPad? And how about to-do lists? Are these compiled in the Notes section of your mobile or do you still carry a pen and a notebook made of paper? Handwriting is almost alien to us - do you even know what yours looks like anymore?

But why bother putting pen to paper when it's so easy to ping someone an email? Well, it's National Stationery Week next week and the ink-loving folk there have created a whole A to Z of reasons why being able to write by hand matters. It starts with A for Archives - Handwritten documents and notes have been passed down through centuries to permanently record some of history’s most important events – not just consigned to a virtual trash bin.

Click here to read the whole list.

According to YouGov research commissioned by National Stationery Week, 92% of adults think that writing by hand is important and 97% think it is important for children to be taught to write. In our increasingly digital world the personal touch is vanishing; to pick up a pen and write an actual note on actual paper is a beautiful thing. Just think of the stationery…

You know already if you’re a stationery fan. It goes back to new school pencil cases and rubber collections. Now we go faint over the smell of a leather bound notebook, the width of a perfectly ruled line, beautiful embossing, textured paper, a flurry of font – oh the typeface!

And how about from the other side? Happiness is finding a brightly coloured envelope lying on the doormat with real writing on it.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones remiss at the passing of letter writing. There’s even something of a movement about it and of course, books have been written too (well, probably typed, but you get the idea). There’s Phillip Hensher’s The Missing Ink, Ian Sansom’s Paper – an Elegy and John O’Connell’s For the Love of Letters. All well worth a read.


So being a brand that’s steeped in nostalgia and appreciates a few old-fashioned values, we at Salt-Water Europe want to ‘promote the note’. Get yourself to your local art supply shop, buy a good pen and some nice paper and write to someone you love. If you're feeling really creative you can even decorate your envelope - look a these beautiful hand illustrated envelopes we found on the naomiloves blog. Imagine getting one of these through the letterbox!



For the love of Snail Mail. Photo from
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