Rainbow Bagels

bagel pile

America has given us many great things - Rythym & Blues, Bill Murray, Salt-Water Sandals and now these ... Rainbow Bagels. Created in Brooklyn by Scot Rossillo at the Bagel Store, these colourful bagels are filled with cream cheese and sprinkles and are the latest trend to sweep the Internet. We thought we'd have a go at making them - it starts quite normally if you normally make your own bagels.




1 tsp Vegetable Oil

2.5 tsp Yeast

2 tbs Caster Sugar


500g Strong White Bread Flour

6 small bottles of neon food colouring in rainbow colours

Rubber gloves


100g unsalted butter

300g cream cheese

300g icing sugar

A drop of vanilla essence

Sprinkles to decorate


First add 2.5tsp of yeast to 200ml of water along with the sugar. Leave it for a few minutes and wait for it to froth up.

Meanwhile, in a big bowl, mix up the flour, salt and vegetable oil. Then add the yeast mixture and combine well. Add 25 ml of warm water and knead it with your hands into a dough. Keep working for a good 10 minutes until it's lovely and smooth.

1 yeast

Put it in an oiled bowl and leave to rise somewhere warm for an hour or so. We suggest covering with a tea towel.



2 yeast

When it has doubled in size the fun begins.

Before you start, be sure to turn your oven up to the highest temperature, and line a couple of baking trays with baking parchment – ready to go!

Divide the dough into six equal parts.

Put on Rubber Gloves – this is very very very important. The next part is quite messy.



3 divide and colour dough

Add 10 drops of different food colouring into the center of each mound of dough. Then work them one at a time until the colour has really got into all the dough. It seems lighter colours work the easiest, but keep at it. Don’t pull it apart, just keep folding it in on itself. This is quite a good stress releasing exercise…

We suggest you rinse your gloves between each colour so as not to let the colours blend.



4 coloured dough


When you have six beautiful coloured balls of dough take them one at a time and roll them out to about 1cm thick trying to maintain the same shape for each layer. Use flour on your rolling pin and cover the dough that is waiting so it doesn’t go dry.




Stack your layers of coloured dough one of top of the other.

stack dough

Then slice across your layers, to make strips of dough. Take your strip and twist it once, twice, three times and then join the two ends together to make your bagel ring. Set aside and make the rest of your bagels.



make bagels

You should get about 6-8 rings from the batch. Leave them for 15 minutes to prove. They won’t get huge, but they will grow slightly.


Next, get a big pan of water on the boil.


Drop your bagels into the boiling water, you can do three at a time.

Boil for 30 seconds and then remove with a slotted spoon and drop onto your prepared baking tray. Now they will really start to look like bagels – very shiny bagels.

Do not worry if your water starts to turn blue – it does not affect the other colours.


Leave to settle for a few minutes and then bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

Carefully take them out of the oven and while your bagels are cooling you can mix up your filling by beating together all the ingredients in a bowl.



final bagels


To serve - cut your bagel in half and smear your shmear over adding your sprinkles for the finishing touch. Sandwich together, and enjoy half cake, half bun – Rainbow Bagel!



And if this all seems like too much hard work you can buy Rainbow Bagels Here



salt-water spiral A rainbow of Salt-Waters
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