Putting yourself first - a Guest Post by Kate Faithfull-Williams

Kate Faithfull-Williams

Journalist Kate Faithfull-Williams started her writing career at Cosmopolitan Magazine. She has written for loads of other titles and spent time as Health Editor at Grazia. An expert in health and wellness issues, her first book, The Feelgood Plan, co-authored with A-list trainer Dalton Wong, will be published by Ebury Press in January 2016. It's all about how to be happy and healthy. In this Guest Blog written for Salt-Water Kate explains why taking time to relax is just as important as taking regular excercise.

When was the last time you put yourself first? A Guest Blog by Kate Faithfull-Williams

If you’re anything like 90% of women, finding time for anything you want to do for yourself doesn’t happen often. Somehow we’ve become experts at burying ourselves at the bottom of our to-do lists, to the point where the idea of drinking a cup of tea while it’s actually hot seems beyond our wildest dreams.

Don’t get me wrong: I love playing with my two-year-old daughter and her train set. I love making up silly dances together and reading endless cat-themed bedtime stories. I love my husband, our home in West London and my job as a writer too. But I’ve learnt that I’m pretty crap at taking care of my favourite people and our life together if I don’t have any time for myself. When I get a small window of opportunity I seize that time with both hands, because no-one is going to give it to me. The stars will never magically align themselves.

Most days I’m lucky if I get a free 15 minutes to belt out a lap of the park. But my favourite thing is paddleboarding – it looks pretty fancy but is ridiculously easy. And I say that as a woman so uncoordinated I’ve never mastered the moves to the YMCA.


Kate Faithfull-Williams

Ideally I’d be paddleboarding in turquoise blue Caribbean waters, but the muddy Thames is a lot easier to get to at the weekend. You don’t have to wriggle into a wetsuit; I hop on the board in whatever I’m wearing. My sunshine yellow Salt-Water sandals are perfect as they don’t mind getting wet.


Kate Faithfull-Williams

A few swift strokes of the paddle and I’m in the middle of the river, marvelling at the peace and quiet that runs through the middle of London. I wave to my husband and daughter, quacking enthusiastically at ducks on the shore. I can’t check messages on my iPhone because it’s stuck on dry land.

So for the next quarter of an hour or so I have little more to think about than the sun on the water, and staying on the board. I haven’t fallen in yet. More importantly, having that headspace means I haven’t gone totally insane yet, either.

Kate Faithfull-Williams

The Feelgood Plan is published by Ebury Press on January 7th, 2016.

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