• A year of Plastic Free Living
    A year of Plastic Free Living
    This year, Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behaviour about plastics.
  • Salt-Water Europe X mothers2mothers
    Salt-Water Europe X mothers2mothers
    mothers2mothers (m2m) is an international NGO that unlocks the potential of women in sub-Saharan Africa to eliminate paediatric AIDS and create healthy families. Their goal is for every baby, wherever he or she lives, to be born HIV-free and for every child to grow up with a bright future.

    For Mothers Day 2018, Salt-Water Europe are very proud to announce their partnership with mothers2mothers aka m2m.
  • Leonie Freeman - Kids Fashion Photographer
    Leonie Freeman - Kids Fashion Photographer
    We go behind the scenes with kids fashion photographer Leonie Freeman in the latest chapter of People we Know.
  • A Hint of Halloween
    A Hint of Halloween
    Halloween is the time of year to showcase the various figments of our imagination with no judgement from others. Feel free to express yourself this holiday. Be bold, be confident, be silly and impractical, because at this time of year we get to release our inner child.

    Whether you are choosing to participate in A Spooky Night In or a Gruesome Night Out, we have the perfect beauty buys for you.
  • The Salt-Water Birling Gap Beach Clean
    The Salt-Water Birling Gap Beach Clean
    Levels of beach litter have doubled in the past two decades and almost nowhere in the UK seas is marine wildlife safe from the harm that this litter and waste can cause. Here at Salt-Water HQ we wanted to LEARN MORE and HELP MORE so we teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society for a Saltie Beach Clean.
    • Mooching about in a new city is one of life's great pleasures. Following your nose and seeing where you end up is fun but it's handy to have a bit of insider knowledge, especially when you have the kids in tow. We asked Spanish blogger and mum of two, Beatriz Millán, to give us her top tips for a family day out in Madrid.
    • We all know it's not as easy as ordering your regular size - and for that, we are truly sorry. There is good reason though. The Original Salt-Water sandal was designed in the 1940's and they are still made using the same old shoe lasts with their own unique sizing system. We've drawn up this guide to help make the sizing clearer.
    • Francesca Iannaccone, a London based Illustrator talks to us about Brian Wilson, Toca Boca and drawing Salt-Waters.
    • Come to our SALE shop - it's only on for a week so don't miss it!
    • Anyone for Tennis?

      The Wimbledon Tournament is hotting up this week and with Novak Djokovic out the Mens' game is getting interesting. Meanwhile Queen Serena is still dictating things in the Womens' and there's only a few more days until the finals. Our 20% off Wimbledon Promotion is running until midnight on Sunday July 10th!
    • Baby Sandals

      The momentous first steps that your baby takes are magical. When children walk on their own, their feet tend to spread out further than adults' feet to give them more stability. Our baby styles are designed with this in mind.

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