Let's go Beach Cleaning with the MCS

8. Dirty beach (c) Jacki Clarke MCS Beach Litter. Photo courtesy of Jacki Clarke

The Marine Conservation Society started life in 1975. Run from a shed in Herefordshire, it was then known as the UCS, Underwater Conservation Society.  Over the years it's remit has expanded to the conservation of beaches and estuaries and the monitoring of the ocean. The MCS is now the UK's leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife and here at Salt-Water Europe we support their work and raised money for the cause in a competition we ran earlier this year to find the best beach walk in the UK.

We're pleased to say that the so called 'blue movement' is now catching up with the 'green movement' and thanks to the work of the MCS the UK is enjoying better water quality and safer beaches. However, there is still a huge problem - a rising tide of litter that is increasing year on year and the MCS need your help!

Beach Clean volunteers at Hendra in Cornwall. Photo courtesy of Steve Houghton Beach Clean volunteers at Hendra in Cornwall. Photo courtesy of Steve Houghton


The Great British Beach Clean is taking place from September 18th - 21st at beaches all over the UK. To find your nearest event go to



It's a fun day out for the whole family and you could help to make a difference. Show your local beach some love and Let's go Beach Cleaning!

  • Adopting a turtle is a great way to help make sure more of these sipeces live in our oceans today. Besides that we should also do our best by keeping our oceans clean so that these animals have the right environment to thrive. Throwing plastic bags into the ocean for example is bad for these turtles as these animals will try to eat the plastic which is mistaken for jellyfish.
    Kevin •
    11th February 2016
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