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If we aren’t talking about sandals here at Salt-Water HQ, we obsess about food and compare parenting notes; celebrating our families, as well as commiserating over the tricky stuff. Recently we had a discussion about kids saying and doing the most embarrassing things in public (more often than not in designated quiet zones).  Maybe not for the same reason, but the British artist Jake Chapman recently declared it was 'a total waste of time' to take kids to art galleries. A National Gallery spokesperson fought back stating 'children benefit a great deal from visiting art galleries and museums….It widens their horizons [and] can develop inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world.'

Either way, it is with great interest that we follow The Kids in Museums Competition. Each of the short listed museums are visited anonymously by undercover family judges and measured against a 20 point manifesto that has been compiled entirely from visitors comments.

Point 1 on the manifesto –

 Say Hello! And welcome every visitor. Curators, volunteers, those who work in the café – everyone should be part of the family friendly experience

Point 5 & 6 are great for older members in your family  -

Play the generation game. Grandparents are increasingly important. Conversation between generations should be at the heart of what you do.

Invite teenagers in and let them hang out. Ask them if they want to get involved and value their opinions. Museums can lead the way in letting people know the contributions teenagers make.

Point 13 is the best –

Don’t say Ssshhhhush! If kids are being noisy, ask yourself why? Is it because they’re excited? Great! Then capture the excitement. Is it because they’re bored? Then give them something meaningful to do.

Note the shortlist down and follow the link to find out more about last year’s winner The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall

If you’re interested in becoming a judging family and helping to pick the winner for 2015 send an email to [email protected]

The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall
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