Halloween Make-up - the Sugar Skull Look

Sugar Skulls Photo courtesy of www.funzine.hu




Sugar Skulls are a great idea for Halloween if you don't want to be too scary! We asked make-up designer to the Stars, Siena Powloski, to help us create a step by step guide to a Sugar Skull look for Halloween.

Sugar Skulls originate from the Day of the Dead, a Mexican Festival that takes place at the beginning of November. They believe that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31st to allow the spirits of the deceased to come down and enjoy the festivities that have been prepared for them.

Families spend huge amounts of time and money honouring their dead relatives during this public holiday; people will be cleaning graves and reminiscing about their loved ones. They also build beautiful alters in their homes adorned with colourful flowers, candles and food offerings. Folk art skeletons and sugar skulls provide the finishing touches.




Step 1 Step 1


Start by using a make-up sponge to create an even white base layer. We used the Mac range of coloured paint sticks.



Step 2 Step 2



Carefully paint in your eye sockets with a black face paint. Make a circle over each eye that takes in the eye brow. Add a scroll over the forehead using a fine make up brush or a clean paint brush.



Step 3 Step 3



Next, paint on your nose with a small black line leading down to the lips.



Step 6 Step 4


Again with your fine brush, paint stitches onto the lips and a fine line from the corner of the mouth, following the jaw line up to the ear.



Step 5 Step 5



Next, add in some red petal shapes and a lotus shape in red on your chin. Be as creative as you like with your shapes, petals and swirls galore. Look at Pinterest for more Day of the Dead inspiration.



step 7 Step 6


Now you need the red loopy petal shapes around the edges of the black eye sockets.



Step 7 Step 7


You can add in some sticky sequins for extra sparkle. We used cosmetic crystals and stuck them on with duo glue. You can get these at Sally Cosmetic Supplies or self adhesive ones at Claire's Accessories.



Ta Dah! Ta Dah!


The finishing touch is flowers in the hair and great big hoop earrings. You can really push the boat out here, think Frida Kahlo and wear a crown of flowers, big skirts and a black shawl.


Make-up Siena Powloski

Model Louisa Innes




To see more of Siena's work check out her website www.sienapowloski.com

Instagram @sienap_makeup_artist

FaceBook @Siena Make Up Artist

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