Giving Tuesday with the MCS


Tomorrow, Tuesday December 1s,t is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. Our friends at the Marine Conservation Society have organised Turtle Tuesday to coincide with Giving Tuesday and they are hoping to raise £5000 for endangered turtles.




Marine turtles have been swimming in our oceans for at least 100 million years, travelling thousands of miles in their epic journey through life. But their populations are threatened and the MCS believe we should learn how to live in the world without endangering these ancient mariners. Some marine turtle species really are in danger of extinction with pollution, accidental entanglement in fishing nets and habitat destruction as some of the main causes.






Working in the UK and overseas, the MCS are coordinating research through satellite tagging to help learn more about turtles and identify ways to help conserve them for the future.

Please can you help the MCS raise £5000 for their next turtle tag?


This is how much it costs to purchase and attach a satellite tag to a turtle in the research base at Turks & Caicos Islands. To find our more take a look at

Here you can see photos and videos and make your important donation. Please help!

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