Bring the Outside in - make a Terrarium

Having green plants around us is a good way of keeping the winter blues at bay so at this wintery time of year a terrarium is a really nice family project to try. It's basically a miniature indoor garden in a glass container. You can use any kind of container - we used a small greenhouse we got from the DotCom Gift Shop but you can use a Kilner Jar, a goldfish bowl or a vase. You fill it with succulents, cacti or unusual tropical plants and keep it on a window sill or on your kitchen counter - anywhere that you can peer in and enjoy the little green world you have created. A good tip is to stick with plants that have the same environmental needs and make sure you get the correct type of soil.

Terrariums are easy to care for and best of all, they require no special skills for success!

Salt-Water Terrarium

You will need:

Clear glass jar/bowl

Various small plants


Small pebbles


Small trowel

Water Spray

1. Prepare your container. Give it a wash and remove any labels. It's important to get rid of any dirt that might harm your plants down the line.

2. Add your drainage layer. This allows water to settle at the bottom of the container and not overload the roots of your plants.

3. Add the soil. Make sure you have a depth a little bit bigger than the plants original pot and remember to use the correct soil for the type of plant that it is.

4. With your trowel (or your hands) make a hole for your plant. Plant your plants and add a bit more soil around the top pressing gently down to make them feel safe and firm in their new situation.

Salt-Water Terrarium

5. Finally, add your accessories. A layer of moss and little pebbles can make it look like a real garden. Give it some water and put it in a light spot. If you have kids they might like to add a plastic dinosaur or some lego men. It's your terrarium - go wild!

Salt-Water Terrarium

*Update* We planted this one before Christmas. As it is a lidded container the little alpine plant, front left, didn't like the humid conditions and we had to take him out. So do make sure your plants are all after the same things in life!

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