A Hint of Halloween

A Hint of Halloween


The spooky long nights are officially here, the perfect setting for our most chilling of holidays.

Halloween is the time of year to showcase the various figments of our imagination with no judgement from others. Feel free to express yourself this holiday. Be bold, be confident, be silly and impractical, because at this time of year we get to release our inner child. 

This year the spooky festivities fall on Tuesday 31st October. We assume as a weekday, most of us will be saving our broomsticks for the weekend - however we at Salt-Water cannot wait to get the party started and would urge for you all to join us in what we calling "A Hint of Halloween."

Whether you are celebrating at home or painting the town red we have 10 beauty related suggestions you could incorporate into your holiday. 


A Spooky Night in


Nails - House of Holland £14.99 - Before your next mani consider these striking designer press on nails. The black and red medley scream Halloween and can be purchased from your local Boots store. If you aren’t too keen on the stiletto shape, the nail kit is complete with mini glue and nail file, reshape your talons and get ready to admire. Fittingly titled Ruby Tuesday and perfect for a vamp look, we would recommend you celebrate this Tuesday Halloween with these stylishly embellished nails that you can press on yourself from home.

Moisturise - The Body Shop Vanilla pumpkin body butter £15 - The Body Shop know how to get their scents just right. Currently they are providing a range of skincare treats inspired by Halloween and we can't wait to try them! Known for their variety of body butters we believe the vanilla pumpkin body butter fused with "autumnal scents" would be a great way to start your Halloween pamper eve. Smells good enough to eat!



Shampoo - Frederick Fakkai Apple Cider shampoo £15.87 - It's not quite apple bobbing but it will involve apples and getting your hair wet. Apple cider vinegar has great clarifying properties for both the hair and digestive system. For those of us who prefer a more refined (and less vinegary option!) Fakkai offers an amazing shampoo that will get you in the spirit from the comfort of your own bathroom. If you are unfortunate enough to receive a trick instead of treat hopefully this will be of some assistance too…


Exfoliate - Natural Spa Factory Pumpkin body Salt Scrub £14 - There are plenty of recipes for homemade body scrubs. However if you are more go-and-buy than DIY, we would recommend trying Natural Spa’s Pumpkin Scrub. Infused with spiced peppers, nutmeg and grape seed fragrances. This natural scrub also claims to stimulate circulation, polish and refresh the skin, the perfect scent to remind you of Halloween and the perfect way to buff your body and exfoliate away any spooky dried skin.


Bath - Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble bar £4.25 - Everyone’s favourite Lush have taken their incredible bath bombs and created a series of Halloween must haves! Choose from their selection of quirky bombs, and give your bath a fabulously frightening facelift. Our bomb of choice is Sparkly Pumpkin - a vegan friendly blend of citric oils. One of its main ingredients is grapefruit oil, which is said to have mood uplifting properties. And – it sparkles! Celebrate and relax at the same time with this seasonal treat.



A Gruesome Night out


Inspiration – Madeyewlook - Choosing what to be for Halloween can be equally as hard as deciding where to go. However it doesn’t have to be, if you do require a little creative assistance have a look at Madeyewlook’s youtube channel. Self-taught channel owner, Alexys Fleming has a catalogue of ideas, showcasing her skills as a body and make-up artist. Her elaborate but easy to follow step by step tutorials will have even the least imaginative keen to try something new. Try out some of Alexy’s gruesome looks for your night out with some of Red Carpet FX’s liquid latex kits!     



Jewellery - DesignB London Halloween Spider Studs Earrings £6 - You can always rely on Asos for a fashionable affordable nugget for any occasion. Try these statement gold spider studs to top off any Halloween look. They are spookily cool!




Lips - Mac Bangin’ Brilliant Matte Lipstick £16.50 - Black lipstick is the icing on the cake for any vamp look. Mac matte lipsticks are long lasting, heavily pigmented, and easy to apply. Even on a simple base, it can be an easy way to connote your dark side. A dark pout is an easy way to get in the Halloween spirit on your night out without going all out. Proving you don’t need to dress up to be Halloween ready.



Face - Face lace by Phyllis Cohen £6.95 & up - Have a stylish and elegant Halloween with these beautiful face lace adornments. A quick (and might we say genius!) way to provide us all with the Avant-garde look. Peel, place, and depart - looking effortless has never been so easy. Ditch the make-up brushes and choose from a range of intricate adhesive lace designs for a quick and creative dressing up solution.



Hair - Manic Panic NYC Classic Semi Permanent Hair colour cream in purple £11.99 - Transform yourself into the Katy Perry of your Halloween with Manic Panics’ vibrant hair dyes. Vegan approved and amazing colour payoff, give your tresses a shocking makeover. Easy to apply and wash out, we recommend this product for those of you who really want to take your Halloween look to the next level. With 16 colours available online there is a huge variety to choose from but we recommend trying this seasons mermaid trend to amplify your hair. Whatever colour you choose this bold statement is bound to get you noticed.



Whether you’re staying in or going out, we hope you found these suggestions useful.

Join in with the festivities, and remember that this time of year you are not obligated to play by any rules. What do you have planned for Halloween? Get creative, pamper yourself, have fun, and let us know if you tried any of these seasonal goodies.

With Love,


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