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Summer Sliders

Slide sandals say ‘summer’ like suncream, ice-cream sandwiches and soothing sunsets! They’re a must-pack item for holiday wardrobes and those long hot sunny days. The Salt-Water Sandals Slides collections boasts two ranges – Classic Slide and Retro Slide.

Slip your feet into some Saltie Slides. Whether you’re planning a staycation break, a day-trip to the coast, or enjoying time-out at home, our Saltie Slide collection is your quintessential summer style.

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Salt-Water Selfies

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  • @yvadney

    Discover the Sun-San collection. 

  • @pipshome

    Pipshome wears the Original Tan!

  • @heartzeena

    Brand ambassador rocking her trusty white Originals.