Retro Slide Olive Sandal


This olive green hue works perfectly on our classic tan sole and is now available in our Retro Slide style. Reminiscent of the Mexican Huarache sandal that your Grandparents wore back in the 1960 and originally sold by Salt-Water in the USA in the 1970s, its elegant woven leather toe takes the Salt-Water style to a whole new level of sophistication. We have updated the classic Retro from the back catalogues into a modern slider sandal for those who prefer to not have an ankle strap.

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Info & Care

The Retro Slide has a narrower fit than the Salt-Water Original and Classic Slide. As with all of our sandals the leather will 'give' naturally over time and can be worn in water to help speed up the process but we do not recommend for a wide foot. As with all sandals in the Salt-Water range we suggest that your toes sit behind the stitch line but make sure your heel is not hanging over the edge as there is no ankle strap.  

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"This modern sandal combines a vintage sensibility with contemporary craft, to create the best summer sandal."