Tan Original


The Tan Original is our firstborn in the Salt Water family. 

The Tan Original is a Saltie staple and works across all wardrobes. Whether wanting a neutral finish to a pared-down look or looking to balance out some brights, this classic colourway can be worn in many ways.

The Original is defined by it’s little way stitched rubber sole and plaited leather upper, and remains unchanged to this day. Simple, versatile and beautifully crafted, the Original embodies the timeless appeal that Salt-Water is known and loved for. 

The Tan Original is a Saltie staple and works across all wardrobes. Whether wanting a neutral finish to a pared-down look or looking to balance out some brights, this classic colourway can be worn in many ways. 

What’s More…. 

Design and durability step together to create a collection that now spans a rainbow of colours, with a fashion savvy attitude. 

From metallics to summery shades of olive, sunshine yellow and hot red, there is now an Original colour for all occasions. 

Salties Original



See the full-colour range – enjoy! 



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